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About us

As the largest Caribbean American Organization contracted by the city of New York, Residents have relied on Sesame Flyers International over the last three decades and we have delivered a variety of year round programs that preserve youth, community and cultural development. This year over 6,000 individuals will come through our doors in search of some form of assistance. Whether it’s serving our Youth population ranging in ages 5-25 or our adult population ranging in ages 26-85 we are tutoring young students, providing safe and nurturing spaces for children to play, organizing youth‐led community service activities, implementing job readiness programs, providing case management and counseling for families in crisis, giving adult learners access to GED programs and computer literacy, instructing health & fitness or celebrating the rich traditions of the Caribbean Diaspora, there are few aspects of community life that Sesame Flyers does not touch.

“ Our Mission is to provide a range of youth development, cultural, social welfare and supportive services to individuals and families residing in New York City.”


Contact Information

Main Office 3510 Church Avenue, Brooklyn, New York

Winthrop Beacon 905 Winthrop Street, Brooklyn, New York

Glenwood Community Center

Bildersee Beacon

SONYC at 211

GET RICH 905 Winthrop Street, Brooklyn, New York

Center For Family Support 905 Winthrop Street, Brooklyn, New York

Main Office: 718.693.0500

Winthrop Beacon: 718.221.8880 extension 1100 or 1120

Glenwood Community Center

Bildersee Beacon: 718.241.3847

SONYC at 211

GET RICH: 718.221.8880 extension 1160

Center For Family Support: 718.221.8880 extension 2100

Email: info@sesameflyers.org | development@sesameflyers.org | helpdesksupport@sesameflyers.org