Chairman’s Message

This year, 2016, Sesame Flyers International celebrates its 33rd anniversary as an organization providing community services to the children in the Borough of Brooklyn. It is no accident that we have achieved this milestone and still growing. The members and staff are dedicated individuals working together to empower our youths by giving them the tools they need to grow into great citizens of United States of America. It is a joy to be part of this organization, especially for those who have been lifelong members on whose shoulders the foundation was built. Thanks to all of you, for the love you have given our kids and the respect you have achieved in this great city.

The last few years have been difficult for many of the nonprofit organizations in New York. Sesame Flyers have experienced their share budget cuts that have affected our educational, cultural and social programs. We are weathering the storm by staying true to the commitment we made to the young ones in the family. In togetherness lies our strength that we will not fail in our quest to stay afloat and continue the journey we started 33 years ago. We are asking our friends, supporters, community businesses and elected officials to join with us that we may fulfill our mission ‘Love a Kid Today and Everyday’.

On behalf of our board, members, staff and supporters, we sincerely thank all of you here today for your contributions to our Seventh Annual Scholarship and Awards Gala. I wish to congratulate all our honorees and to commend them for their significant contributions made selflessly to our community. I congratulate the scholarship awardees for their dedication and focus on their educational challenges. I pray that they complete their collegiate goals in a timely and successful manner. I wish our 33rd year brings peace, prosperity, and good health to our board, our members, staff, sponsors, supporters, well-wishers, and all those who continue to support this great organization Sesame Flyers International.

Chairman of Sesame Flyers International, Inc.