DMK Elite Network

DMK ELITE NETWORK is a business working group for professionals, Executives, Business Owners, and Entrepreneurs who wants to network to BUILD RELATIONSHIPS with energetic power partners.

Our Networking Group, creates opportunities to MEET YOUR NEXT CLIENTS AND GET VISABILITY IN YOUR COMMUNITY.

As a business family, we are passionate about bringing the essential tools to help you grow your business through Networking, Mentoring, Business Planning, Strategic Marketing, Social media, Fundraising and Community Involvement The DMK leadership and members provide support to various charitable organizations and events.

DMK Elite Networking members are reliable, dedicated professionals who are ready to assist through power partnership and referrals. We are loyal to each other and to our clients. We focus on each individual with integrity, honesty, ethics and sincerity. We value friendship, and strongly, believe that having a personal relationship with trust is critical and essential for all business transactions, and we know that any referral is a true reflection of us as a business family.


The mission of DMK Elite Networking is to bring together the most elite professionals from various industries to mastermind, and encourage individual, personal and professional growth. We promise a low pressure, safe environment idea sharing, referral, marketing and business strategies.

DMK Elite Networking has a business family concept to collaborate with each other, build alliances with sustainability, and to support local and community consumer needs and exceed expectations. We welcome professionals who are visionary, honest, ethical, entrepreneurial, movers and shakers, to be a part of this exclusive group.


Donisia Marquis-Knight is the founder and the inspiration behind DMK ELITE NETWORKING. Her passion is in the merging business to create a platform which encourages elite professionals, and to customize marketing plans for business owners to strive to be their best, Donisia is first and foremost, a Mom to fine young man. She loves working and inspiring the youth in the community is also a commercial/residential realtor in the Larger Bay Area. She is passionate pioneer in networking and an innovative leader who is committed to making a difference and spreading love.