Dr. Pearl Elie

eliePearl joined Sesame Flyers International, Inc. over thirty years ago. She was introduced to the organization during its formative years by Mr. Michael Metivier, a member of Sesame Flyers. The comradery and family atmosphere that permeated the organization was inviting enough for her to stay. By joining Sesame Flyers, she also saw an opportunity to assist in tutoring the children in the community. She introduced both her own children as well as her “public school children” to all that Sesame Flyers had to offer.

Her grandchildren are currently enrolled in the “Kids” Saturday program. Eventually, Pearl assumed the role of chairperson of the “Research, Education, and Cultural Committee” (RE&C) as it was then called. Originally, the Saturday program was designed to complement the public school’s calendar, so when schools closed in June the program also closed. However, parents’ outcry and the children’s enthusiasm became so overwhelming that Pearl, deceased member Lawrence Boyce and a few other members started the first Sesame Flyers Summer Camp. She was also instrumental in writing the first grant for the organization that has helped propel the growth of the organization.

Sesame Flyers has pioneered activities that have been emulated by many organizations. Several years ago, Janet Cummings and deceased member Ozzie Nicholas came up with the idea of taking our kids on “Cultural Tours.” Along with Pearl, they raised enough money to take the children to Trinidad and Tobago as well as Grenada. This program ended when funds were no longer available.

One only need look at Pearl’s academic achievements and professional accolades to get a sense of her passion for education. She believes that all one’s degrees and awards are meaningless if they are not used to positively impact the lives of others, especially that of a child. As an administrator with the Department of Education, she led efforts to enact ideas that ultimately resulted in her school being cited among the best Middle Schools in Brooklyn.

As a retired school administrator, she still remains active. She is currently the co-president of Brooklyn Reading Council. This organization’s focus is to promote reading not only among children but also among adults. She is also the Vice President of Kappa Delta Pi, Etta Theta Chapter of Brooklyn College. Pearl also finds time to enjoy her favorite pastime “All Fours” a West Indian card game. She has served as the president of the “All Four Alliance USA Inc.” an organization of over eight hundred members. She also heads up the women’s committee where she organizes activities and workshops that are pertinent to women’s issues. She is currently the President of Raiders, an organization under the umbrella of the All Fours Alliance.

Despite all these activities, Pearl considers Sesame Flyers her home away from home. She cites the quote from Tecumseh “A single twig may break, but the bundle of twigs is strong” as she reflects on her years with the organization. She also states that as long as God gives her health and strength, she will continue to promote and uphold by example the organization’s motto of “Love a Kid Today and Every Day.”