Emmanuel Abel

abelEmmanuel Abel better known worldwide as DJ Madman Maddy, was born in the beautiful island of Trinidad.  From an early age, Emmanuel has been a trail blazer throughout the entertainment industry where he demonstrated his mixing skills ability hybrid with an eloquent voice over the airwaves throughout the Caribbean and North America.  As a businessman, Mr. Abel recognized that with his abilities, he would be able to give more of his skills on an international level and migrated to North America.

Mr. Abel migrated to the United States in 1985, where he continued to provide the culture of all music and entertainment to people living in the country he now calls home.  Mr. Abel provides a diverse myriad of music whether it is ole-time Calypso, Soca, Reggae, Hip-Hop or Rhythm and Blues.  With his strong leadership skills and compassionate spirit, he has hosted many gatherings where he gave people the opportunity to indulge in extracurricular activities such as learning the art of ballroom dancing and networking.

Mr. Abel’s hard work and commitment have earned him many awards from both private and public organizations: awards he is proud to share with his wonderful children and grandchildren.  The strength of his spirituality comes from his family roots which Mr. Abel continues to exemplify by giving his time and support where needed, while passionately involving himself in activities for the youths, needy, and senior citizens within the community.  In his passionate desire to give back to the community, Mr. Abel hosts a yearly children party in the month of December where he distributes gifts to over 300 children.

Sensitive to the needs of immigrants, Mr. Abel continues to man the airwaves by providing comfort through the musical art form and is heard through various outlets here in North America including Europe and the Caribbean bringing back the ole-time and music mix with youthful exuberance vibrancy.  Mr. Abel has now extended his music by the way of Internet with two websites, one gospel music (www.m3gospel.com) and (www.madmanmaddy.us) twenty four seven.

 Mr. Abel’s mission is to make a significant contribution toward the entertainment industry so that Caribbean culture can continue to live in the hearts and minds of the generation of Caribbean Americans within the Diaspora.