Jessica Jeanty

jeantyWhen you hear something very often, you start to believe it. “You’re not successful, unless you’re a doctor “. Those words have been recurring around my life, for as long as I can remember. That’s probably how I choose my career goal.  I was brainwashed into that mentality, until I started my internship at Kingsbrook Jewish Hospital Center. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the beauty of the medical field, however that might not be enough considering the mood it brings to those working in hospitals. I understand the importance and greatness of it all, but is one’s happiness more important than their success? The controversy of it all.

Volunteering at a hospital made me wonder if I ever wanted to be in a hospital again. Which is very ironic, considering that all my life the medical field has been an interest of mine. I’ve been working in the elderly section at Kingsbrook Jewish Hospital Center. It simply breaks my heart observing the struggles and pain the patients go through daily. That’s when I questioned myself do I wanna be in a profession or facility that only drags my mood down?

My job consisted of feeding patients, aiding them and creating small talk. While completing these minor tasks, it really opened my eyes, the purpose of a hospital. It’s a facility filled with people seeking help, not really a joyful environment. As I was interacting with the patients, I noticed how helpless and weak they were. Their life was now in the hands of nurses and doctors. The setting and environment affected my mood greatly, and not in a positive way. I would enter with a warm heart and leave with sympathy and sadness in my heart for the senior citizens.

My career goal is to be in the medical field, however to be a pediatrician. My goal is to work with kids that light up the room. I genuinely have a passion to work with young children. One summer I even volunteered at Simricks Daycare. This experience allowed me to build up on my leadership skills. With enough training and experience, I believe that l’ll be a great pediatrician. I may have had some doubts and confusions, but being a doctor for younger children is definitely a passion of mine. My economic status might be burden in achieving my goals, but my grades will pull me through. I can overcome any obstacle.

In conclusion, my internship at Kingsbrook Jewish Hospital has opened my eyes. It made me consider which part of the medical field I’d like to take part of. My goal is to become a pediatrician, and help the little ones. I’ve realized your profession should be something that makes you feel great and alive.  By keeping my eye on the prize and having faith, I can become a pediatrician. There’s no doubt in my mind, that I can’t achieve my goals.