Leslyn Walters-Rahaman

lrahaman2Leslyn Walters-Rahaman was born and briefly raised in the beautiful twin island republic of Trinidad & Tobago. She is the second child of Merle and the late Thomas Walters. Like so many West Indian families, the Walters family migrated to the United States in search of a better opportunity. Leslyn graduated from high school with Honors. After earning a Bachelor’s in Sociology and a Minor in Africana Studies at Brooklyn College, she continued employment at various positions in administration and social work. With the support of her mentor, the late Carlos Scott, Leslyn obtained her Master of Social Work from New York University. After various rewarding career opportunities, she started her fourth Preventive Program position as a Supervisor at Sesame Flyers International, Inc., Center For Family Support. Within less than a year later, Leslyn was promoted to the Program Director position. The Center For Family Support has experienced various challenges, yet with perseverance, structure and consistent teamwork, the program remains a beacon within the community it services.

In her down time, Leslyn enjoys spending quality time with family and friends, music and the arts, driving, interior decorating and carpentry, to name a few…

Leslyn is eternally grateful for everyone who has been a part of her successful career. All honor, glory and praise be on to her Heavenly Father from whom ALL blessings flow. Special acknowledgments to her mother, Ms. Merle Walters, for teaching her to never give up; her father, the late Mr. Thomas Walters, who stressed the importance of obtaining an education; her sister, Lennisa, who never complained during the all-nighters and proofread some term papers; relatives  and friends who provided on-going support; thank you to Ms. Ruth Schulder and the late Mr. Carlos Scott for providing the foundation training for Preventive Services; Predecessor, Mr. Balmain RoseGreen for his perseverance and on-going support; her spouse, Mr. Rahaman for his on-going support; Mr. Curtis Nelson, Executive Director and the Board of Directors of Sesame Flyers International, Inc. for this humble honor; former employers and colleagues for support and examples of effective leadership and professionalism; and, finally, special thanks to the staff at Center For Family Support – past and present- for their trust, respect and dedication while doing such challenging work. Much appreciation as we continue to Make A Difference!!!