SONYC at 211

Starting anew is typically one of the hardest thing to do but working for a program like Sesame Flyers it’s something you have to get used to.

In July 2011, Sesame Flyers was awarded a new O.S.T (Out of School Time) contract for Middle School students to be housed inside of Wilson I.S. 211.  With this comes a new principal along with her staff, new participants and parents alike.   Getting acclimated to new surroundings comes easy to some people but can be difficult when personalities clash so the best way is to have a meet and greet session where everyone knows the common goal we are trying to accomplish.

This is no easy task and it takes sometime for all parties involve to get it right but in the long run it pays off to have an open line off communication and an excellent relationship with school faculty and parents.

Sesame Flyers will always venture into different communities and build great relationships as its cultural attributes is one its highlights.