Renee “Lady Q” Ellis

Renee-LadyQ-EllisIt’s safe to say that where there are lights, camera, a stage and a MIC, Renee “Lady Q The Voice” Ellis is never far away. Her love for anything Entertainment and Music is what led her to be the charismatic radio personality on the Soca Award winning, international Internet radio, Team Soca.

But her love for stage presence, modeling and of course Everything Carnival, all started with Sesame Flyers. From her very first “crossing the stage” experience to modeling for the very first time, Sesame Flyers International’s Sesame Carnival has paved the way for her love and respect for the Carnival Culture and has opened up many doors in the modeling industry for Ms. Ellis. Such as ripping the runway for “The Golden Gates of Fashion”, to showcasing Carnival costumes live on NBCs Chanel 4 “Positively Black” segment, and to now traveling across borders, gracing the stage for band launches in Toronto.

But it doesn’t stop there. Sesame Flyers has also recognized and utilized Renee’s most well-known talent, her voice, by giving her the opportunity to host community events such as Senator Kevin Parker’s 12th Annual Dinner Dance Gala, and she was also the hostess for Sesame Flyers International 2014 Scholarship and Awards Gala. There isn’t anything Renee wouldn’t do for Sesame. She’d do anything for her family…. And that’s exactly what Sesame is to her.