Shanique Letts

lettsWhat are your goals for the future?  What do you want to be when you grow up? What are your future goals? Since we were young we’ve been asked that question too many times to count. Some say they want to be doctors, some say lawyers, police officers, fire fighters and bank accountants. As for me, I’ve chosen to pursue architecture as my field of study. Now as a young child, just like the others, I told every adult who asked me, that I’ll become a pediatrician when I grew up. Others chose to be one for their undying love for young children, I chose it because I needed something more intelligent to say than “I don’t know”. Growing up, around first to second grade, I discovered my skills to draw visually. MY creativity was soon portrayed in my assignments and even penmanship. Around sixth grade, I had the belief that algebra was too hard to obtain. That idea didn’t listen because my commanding mother and concerned teachers pushed me to Extended day every morning for seven am. Their faith and sight for great but unlocked potential was never wavered. Not long after I was accepted in to the current school I’m in now did I realize that my drawing skills and mathematical combined can make for a hell of an architect. Success in this particular field will allow me to achieve my future career goals. I’ll be able to not only design houses for others but maybe one day for my two hard working parents. For as long as I remember, they’ve wanted a bigger house with more space and nothing would give me more joy than to be the one to give them the perfect house. I’ll be able to draw houses for newlywed couples, big families, small families, and apartments for those who prefer their own space. I’ll be designing buildings for the businesses, schools and hospitals of tomorrow.

In junior high school, one extracurricular activity I participated in was choreographed step. Ms. Hamilton, being a hopeful teacher looking for students, addressed my friends and I one day in afterschool and the rest was history. Being co- captain, Ms. Hamilton, four other students and I, built up the NCS Steppers from scratch. But we we’re just a step team, we were a community, a family, scholars. Once you joined our team, grades had to rise, uniform was to be worn throughout the school day, and behavior reports had to be spotless. You had no choice but to better yourself or get kicked off. As one of the leaders I had the responsibility to not only maintain my grades but my fellow steppers too. I had to walk from class to class checking for full uniform and behavioral reports from teachers. I was also being monitored. If I wasn’t a leader before, I became one then. Entering high school, my early morning sessions in middle school paid off. I had no lower than a ninety to ninety- two in my integrated algebra courses. I was personally chosen among others in my class to tutor my peers afterschool. I helped with homework, test corrections, and classwork assignments that took others a while to understand. Doing so strengthened my leadership skills and gained teachers’ trust.  Other special talents I have is playing the piano, violin, and pushing myself to do better at something I may have failed at before or never pictured myself being successful in.

My vision for Sesame Flyers International is to see it as a program that can help other kids like me. In 5 or 10 years, I see many fresh high school graduates presented with the opportunity to get a scholarship towards their college of choice, whether it’s out of state or right here in New York City. Not only graduates here but those in other states also, soon working their magic in different countries and maybe even internationally.

Receiving this scholarship will be one step closer to achieving my current and future plans, one step closer to making a difference and one step closer to bettering the lives of not just myself but others too. It would be unfortunate for not only me, but any deserving child to have the potential to make a difference in this community but become hindered by the lack of funds and aids. Anyone should be able to push forward and not be held back.