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A thirteen (13) time winners of the Large Band category in the West Indian American Labor Day Parade, Sesame Flyers International, Inc. is extremely active and visible in the Caribbean community. Throughout previous years, the West Indian American Labor Day Parade has drawn over 3.5 million spectators. Also a source of pride is Sesame Flyers' part in World Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Children's Museum exhibit featuring the many cultures of the borough, where visitors can visit the Sesame Flyers Mas camp and are invited to learn about the culture by trying on costumes.

In addition to its participation in the Parade, it is important to note, that for over a quarter century residents of East Flatbush and Canarsie have relied on Sesame Flyers International for many year round programs that preserve culture, tradition and values and we have delivered. This year over 7,000 individuals will come through our doors in search of some form of assistance. Whether it is tutoring young students, providing safe and nurturing spaces for children to play during the summer, organizing youth-led community service activities, job readiness programs, providing case management and counseling for families in crisis, giving adult learners access to GED programs and computer technology, or celebrating the rich traditions of Caribbean nations, there are very few aspects of community life that Sesame Flyers does not touch.

Sesame Flyers International Mission Statement

To provide a range of youth development, cultural, social welfare and supportive services to individuals and families residing in Brooklyn, New York.

Our Motto "Love A Kid Today and Everyday"

Sesame Flyers International Incorporated understands that part of loving children means presenting them with opportunities to acquire the knowledge, skills, technology and equipment that will prepare them for the challenges yet to come. Sesame Flyers International's goal of youth empowerment is achieved and maintained through carefully structured programs designed to address the needs of our children, their families and the community.

Programs and Services

  • Beacon Community Center
    Sesame's two school based Beacon Community Centers (one in Canarsie and the other in East Flatbush) offer educational and recreational programs for school aged youth as well as well as GED programs, job placement and computer classes for older youth and adults.
  • After School Programs
    Sesame provides a safe, nurturing environment, educational support, enrichment, recreation, cultural arts and career readiness activities for 700 elementary, middle and high school students annually through the city funded Out Of School Time Initiative.
  • Steel Pan Orchestra
    The Steel Pan Orchestra combines music education, cultural arts and educational enrichment. Known as the Ambassadors of Sesame Flyers, the Orchestra provides concerts and performances at venues throughout the city.
  • Center For Family Support
    This is a comprehensive family counseling center that offers nurturing supportive and caring environment where families can work together to improve their relationships and their lives through counseling and intensive case management.
  • Sports and Physical Activities
    Sesame sponsors the Brooklyn Tomahawks football program, which provides physical fitness activities, team building and competitive league play for 250 youth per year. We also provide a year round aerobics program to encourage community members of all ages to lead healthy lives through exercise.


Main Office & Cultural Center
Address: 3510 Church Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11230
Phone: 718-693-0500
Email Address:

Beacon Programs & SONYC
Winthrop Beacon: 718-221-8880 ext 1100
Bildersee Beacon: 718-241-3847
Compass Program: 347-579-8575

Center For Family Support
Phone: 718-221-8881 ext 2100


Celebrate Dance Africa this weekend with our friends at BAM Brooklyn

In the last 10 years rent has gone up 80% that's a real problem, we can't wait 4 years for results
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