Sesame Flyers International HEALTH AND FITNESS PROGRAM

The Community Health and Fitness Program has been available to neighborhood residents since June 18th, 2001. A physical fitness trainer aided by an assistant, coaches participating community residents through 90 minutes of calisthenics and aerobics exercised, accomplished by music for some of the paces.

The program which is conducted in Albany Park, runs Mondays through Fridays 6:00 am - 8:00 am. It is free and open to all ages. Participants are required to register and exercise mats are available on a first come first served basis. This is a pilot program. A successful run pilot will serve as a development model which will be replicated in other parks throughout the 58th Assembly District represented by Assemblyman, Nick Perry.

The program started with ten (10) - fifteen (15) people and has grown to more than 200 registered participants, with upwards of seventy (70) participants daily. Neighborhood residents of all ages, both men and women, have been flocking to the park each day and can be seen joyfully going through the paces under the expert guidance of instructor - Matthew Griffith. This is the only known Health and Fitness Program available to the community resident in a city park and it has been enthusiastically received. Participants who have been in the program from opening day are raving about the positive impact it has on their health and as the program continues to grow, there is a great demand for preserving it.

The current program is financed with funds allocated by Assemblyman Perry through the New York State Department of Health.


Main Office & Cultural Center
Address: 3510 Church Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11230
Phone: 718-693-0500
Email Address:

Beacon Programs & SONYC
Winthrop Beacon: 718-221-8880 ext 1100
Bildersee Beacon: 718-241-3847
Compass Program: 347-579-8575

Center For Family Support
Phone: 718-221-8881 ext 2100


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