Sesame Flyers International BOARD OF DIRECTORS

The Board of Directors is the primary governing body of Sesame Flyers International, Inc. The Directors are responsible for Sesame Flyers’s operations and affairs. The Board of Directors is also responsible for ensuring that Sesame Flyers is organized, and at all times operated, consistent with its charitable mission and its status as an New York nonprofit corporation and tax-exempt charitable organization. Currently, there are ten (10) members of the Board of Directors. The Board is comprised of dedicated community leaders and members who are selected on the basis of their expertise and experience in a variety of areas beneficial to Sesame Flyers International, Inc.

Board members serve as volunteers and are not compensated for their services.



Membership Executive

  • Ginnette Rousseau Pearson - President
  • Cheryl Celestine - Vice President
  • Renee Skeete - Secretary
  • Catherina Grey - Treasurer

Advisory Board

  • Sue Foster, Entrepreneur
  • Dr. Christopher Boxe, Professor of Chemistry, Howard University
  • Dr. John Harvey, Professor of Economics, NYU
  • Winston Munroe, Past Chairman Sesame Flyers International
  • Dahved Levy, Radio Personality, Entrepreneur


Main Office & Cultural Center
Address: 3510 Church Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11230
Phone: 718-693-0500
Email Address:

Beacon Programs & SONYC
Winthrop Beacon: 718-221-8880 ext 1100
Bildersee Beacon: 718-241-3847
Compass Program: 347-579-8575

Center For Family Support
Phone: 718-221-8881 ext 2100


Celebrate Dance Africa this weekend with our friends at BAM Brooklyn

In the last 10 years rent has gone up 80% that's a real problem, we can't wait 4 years for results
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