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Parent Council

The Parent Council is made up of parents who volunteer their time and efforts to provide fundraising activities to supplement the expenses incurred with the community activities at the Winthrop Beacon III Community Center. In addition, the Council also sponsors and support additional programs and activities suited to the needs of the community. This year the council is sponsoring four drumming classes, one dance class, two chorus classes and an intra league Beacon Basketball and Soccer Tournament.

One of the programs introduced in June 2001, entitled " The Bridging Of The Gap Between Youths And Seniors In The Community " was developed to strengthen the generation gap that exists amongst the two ages groups. The Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation, located in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, was the first establishment selected to participate in the program. At CNR, ten (10) youths, under the supervision of a member of the Parents Council volunteered two (2) hours every Saturday for five (5) months in providing assistance under the direction of the Director Of Recreational Activities where needed. A on site program was implemented in July 2001, whereas, fifteen (15) youths teamed up with parents and seniors on Friday evenings to participate in a variety of activities with the elderly such as jewelry making, cake and floral decoration, household decor and creations with yam and material. The program was a success. The Awards Dinner compliments the Winthrop Beacon III youths and seniors for their dedication and commitment to our program.

The Parent Council would like to extend a special thanks to everyone that supported our program this year and our warm felt wishes for years to come. To our guests, we that each of you for support and presence and we ask for your continued support to our program throughout the years and thereafter.

Youth Council

Sesame Flyers Youth Leaders joins with young people to build communities which respect, honor and support youth, Sesame Flyers International reaches our to youth who traditionally have not been viewed as leaders and involves them in sharing community change. The Sesame Youth Leaders program mission is to provide youth with the encouragement, peer networks and leadership skills necessary to make meaningful contributions to their communities and to begin a life long journey of leadership and service.

The Winthrop Junior Youth Council was founded in August 1999. They work under the guidance of the Senior Youth Council to teach and prepare them for the leadership roles they will play in their community. Their purpose is to encourage their peers and other young adults to participate and work for their community. Currently the Junior Youth Council has twenty (20) members and growing. The ages range from ten (10) - fourteen (14). The Youth Council focus in on youth development through participation in intergenerational services, as peer mentors and as writers and talents for the cable access program. Winthrop Beacon III presents East Flatbush Live. It is the belief of the SFI that this investment in the leadership of a diverse group of youth will aid in the creation of stronger communities, a vital nation and a world at peace with itself.

The Youth Leadership Program is designed to provide youths with skills necessary to empower themselves. The program helps them to gain self esteem and a new understanding of the important role they play in either the preservation, creation or destruction of their neighborhood and their own people. The McChad Magloire Scholarship Fund

The McChad Magloire Scholarship Fund was inspired by the Winthrop Youth Council, when we lost our former President Chad Magloire. He was fatally shot at a sweet sixteen (16) birthday party on December 14th, 1997. As our president, Chad was always determined to change the views of today's youth in the community. He always had big dreams that matched his heart. He spearheaded projects such as the basketball tournaments, feeding the hungry, just to name a few. He organized social events that brought the youths in the community together. Chad was not only our president, he was also our best friend - someone in whom we could confide. While doing all these extra curricular activities, Chad was a part time business major at Medgar Evers College and a full time employee at Macy's Department Store in Kings Plaza Mall, where he worked as a Stock Clerk. In his effort, Chad was trying to save money to continue his education in February , 1988. So for all his hard work and dedication, we dedicate this scholarship fund in his name.

Youth Council Job Readiness Program : The Job Readiness program is a program designed to help young adults prepare themselves for the " business world ". They are taught how to prepare resumes, complete job and college applications, learn business office operations conduct role playing job interviews and etiquette.

The Safe Passage Program : The Safe Passage Program involves the Youth Hotline, Big Brother Big Sister Program, Drug Alcohol Program and Gun Awareness Program. The purpose of the Youth Hotline is to provide a service to the youths in the community, to enable them to talk about their issues and concerns, enhance trust and ensure confidentiality for our callers.

The Big Brother Big Sister Program : The Big Brother Big Sister Program was designed to provide mentoring to the after school participants to assist them with their homework and to be a Big Brother or Big Sister providing as educational mentors.

The Drug and Alcohol Program : The Drug and Alcohol Program is designed to assist our peers with the problems they may be facing with the abuse of drugs and alcohol. We want to show teenagers and adults that we care about our community, their lives, their welfare and their future. The cause of some of the drug usage in the community is a lack of jobs, low self esteem, peer pressure and no family support. Youths turn to drugs as a way to solve such problems.

Gun Awareness Program : The Gun Awareness Program focuses on violence and crime and the prevalence of guns within the community. We will work in conjunction with community organizations such as churches, schools and other Beacon programs, to build awareness and join in the fight to ban hand guns.


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